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Fazel Kelle [userpic]

Maybe it's just me on this one, but has everyone dropped off the face of the RPG world...again? It seems that there is possible 1-2 people still checking in every now and then, but for the most part I have not seen anyone else looming about.

Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: Street noises from outside

I'm still here...but I think Kati died. That is sad. *nods*

Maybe it's just the summer too. Everyone gets busy in the summer months with vacations, summer jobs, and school being out. We'll see how it goes when it starts to cool down again. I hope everyone comes back soon...I want to rp and this is driving me nuts. lol

Yeah, I just got a new job where I get to work 8 hours a day five days a week with a man that makes me want to kill people. Fuuuuuuun....

Sounds like my job...but I have a woman supervisor and work 7 days a week. >_<

I tried to reply to Tobias's post in the rpg page, but right in the middle of it they disconnected my cable...my room-mate forgot to tell me he didn't pay the cable bill yet. -_-

I'm back up and running now though, thanks to my little plastic charge card. lol

Silly room-mate. *bops him on the head*

I hate work. *nods*

4 Hours of My Life Gone

Hmmm...somehow my times connected to my post are now messed up too. I'm now 4 hours ahead of everyone else when I post...I think. *pouts*

Will my computer problems ever end?

Re: 4 Hours of My Life Gone

I'll be honest with you here...no. ^_^