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Tobias Demourne [userpic]

I don't think we ever talked about how one should post and what can be posted, nor some random questions. I'm bored so I made this love FAQ for everyone. This isn't aimed at one person specifically but it's a good thing to have, especially for those who've never RPed over Livejournal before. If anyone wants to add to this, just comment in. If I'm completely wrong on anything, tell me, ok? Also, I know some of the questions have never actually been asked but I want to kill two birds with one stone and just post them.

Magic FAQ of LoooooooveCollapse )

Aria Saren [userpic]

All right, I should have a teaching schedule and a map of the Academy in a few days.

Kat, what does Tobias teach?

Squee-G, what Faction does Allister lead? (Of course, someone else is probably in charge while he's gone.) And yay for deleting the post!

Dave, can you email me? umiamino [at] yahoo [dot] com. Nothing bad, I just have a few questions for you. ^_^

Oh yeah! For AIM, add AssassinAria, that's Aria's screenname. (duh)

Productive!Mod Kati

Tobias Demourne [userpic]

Does Alice have a last name and I'm just not seeing it?

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The Darkest Enemy [userpic]

As most of you know, Sabine now has her own AIM name: </b>SanguineSabine</b>.

Sanguine = cheerful, happy OR blood-red in color. The first one fits her, maybe the second will too.

Allister Quinn [userpic]

I'd like to introduce my second character Allister Quinn. He's a villian who will be posing as a cadet until a later time when he shall become all villiany. So please add allister_quinn to your friends list. Thank you! ^_^


Len, I have a question for you. What do you picture Reim looking like? I can make you an icon if you want.

-Iconmaking!Mod Kati

The Darkest Enemy [userpic]

One more!

I've picked up a female cadet, Sabine Sonnenburg. (She's German, can't you tell?) She's a bit...different from other cadets, lets see how this'll go. ^_^

Please add savvy_sabine

-Sabine!Mod Kati

The Darkest Enemy [userpic]

Contact info table is here in thehanger, but it's Friends Only, so you must log in.

If your name isn't up there, you haven't given me your information! Reply here with it!

-HTML!Mod Kati

The Darkest Enemy [userpic]

Everyone please welcome David, our new Cadet, Neo Esquire.

Please add neo_esquire.


-Excited!Mod Kati

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Aria Saren [userpic]

I'm going to play a student.

I want a boy so that I don't make the student too much like Aria, but we need girls.


Girl or boy?

Reply here.

(Yes, and I know I made a two character limit, but darkenemy is an enemy, so at the moment it's not really like playing a character. It's all plottage rping and stuff. So don't kill me.)

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