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The Hanger
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Fazel Kelle [userpic]

It's been 4 years and I still remembered my password for this account!!  BOOYAH!!  Though it seems that the RPG is 6 feet under now.  *sigh* 
Though I doubt anyone will ever see this --- it got my attention when I had a bunch of spam come through my e-mail with people wanting to join so I came to check it out again.

In any case it was great while it lasted and I had a blast with everyone who was here, hope everyone is well and having fun.  Peace out and don't be shy.  I'm still hanging around, signing on my old AIM account here and there, if anyone wants to pop in and give me a big Hello.  :)

Current Location: My desk of course :P
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RRrrrrrr...if I am not heard from between tuesday and next saturday, it means that the hotel in new york does not "provide free and easy internet access."
Never thought I'd be saying this, but things will calm down once the summer's over.

Fazel Kelle [userpic]

Maybe it's just me on this one, but has everyone dropped off the face of the RPG world...again? It seems that there is possible 1-2 people still checking in every now and then, but for the most part I have not seen anyone else looming about.

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Sorry for not leaving a heads-up. Eheheh...had an excessively long on-campus training thing. (This is how we say "summer camp" without compromising the illusions of maturity I've tried to establish) But I have portable internet now, so it's all good. >.>;;

I won't dissappear again, I swear!

kati [userpic]

Hello, tis Kati, Maintainer!Kati.

I'm such a failure. I always forget to check this community. Anyway, if you can advertise, that'd be great. We'll keep on as we have been, and on the 21st will be the start of the "summer" term. I'll get a class schedule, and then we can make missions.

Eep. I'm sorry. We had a crisis in my Harry Potter RPG that resulted in it turning into two RPGs, and bad blood, etc, so I've been really busy getting one of the new RPGs up and running.


Allister Quinn [userpic]

Ok, I got the layouts finished and ready to digitize for the net. Should I post them directly to the OOC or do you want me to just put a text link to them to save space?


Current Mood: chipperchipper
Aria Saren [userpic]

ATTN: I will be out of town from Friday until Sunday, I'm going to a big forensics tournament. (No, not dead-body forensics. Competetive Speaking forensics.)

Anyways, if you need anything, contact one of the other Mods, Kat (Nathan/Tobias) or Squee (Fazel/Allister).

See you later!

Excited!Mod Kati

Pst, once I return, I'm going to make a big mod post, just with some more general stuff. To make this RPG a bit better. I'm still working on the Academy Map, but it's almost the last week of school so I have a lot to do there.

ETA: Squee, I finally got around to answering some old posts. Sorry if I flooded your inbox. And LJ's been having some server problems, that's probably why Fazel's journal wasn't working. One of mine didn't work either.

Tobias Demourne [userpic]

So why is it that Wufei's icons just don't show up? Or at least they don't for me. I even bothered to make a new one incase somehow the old one died. Yeah, that didn't work (btw, Mods you can change it back anytime). Pooh on that.

EDIT: I lied. All the commanders are like that. Except now the Wufei one I made is showing up. It must be my computer.... *sweatdrop*

Tobias Demourne [userpic]

Weeee! New icons for mah Toby. And Nathan, for that matter. Go pics! Woo!

Also, I love RPing with myself at 4am. It makes me happy.

Tobias Demourne [userpic]

Oooooh! SN's for mah boys! Add 'em!

Tobias: Tobias Demourne
Nathan: Nate is teh sex


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